• £1,895.00


    Pleasure worth every penny

  • £3,295.00

    Prestige Integra

    With this stove, architect Kaare Sølvsten has succeeded in creating nothing less than a piece of furniture that can be adapted to turn your dreams to reality. The minimalistic look allows you to realise all your creative ideas. 

  • £2,315.00


    The PRIO series is characterised by clean and fluid lines, clear glass and fine Danish design, whether you opt for the elegant PRIO 5, the modern PRIO 6 with side viewing windows, the unique PRIO 3 on its column or the wall-hanging PRIO 4.

  • £1,495.00

    Lotus Mondo

    The Lotus Mondo line is characterised by a simple design. Mondo 1 and Mondo 2 primarily stand out with the shape on the front where has a straight front, and Mondo 2 has a curved front.

  • £1,995.00

    Lotus Jubilee

    The Lotus Jubilee 35 truly is an outstanding wood-burning stove. A power plant with a huge combustion chamber, which can accommodate logs up to 50 cm in length. The frame on the back of the door is made of cast iron for optimum durability and strength.

  • £3,599.00

    Lotus M2ST

    Lotus M - Extraordinary stoves offering extraordinary facilities

  • £2,685.00


    The heat comes from within

  • £1,545.00

    H- Series Inset Cassettes

    The market's most elegant and stylish fireplace insert. Besides selection of sizes of stoves it is also possible to customise the frame around the stove, so the frame can cover e.g. a large integration hole.