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  • £1,665.00

    Lotus Mondo

    The Lotus Mondo line is characterised by a simple design. Mondo 1 and Mondo 2 primarily stand out with the shape on the front where has a straight front, and Mondo 2 has a curved front.

  • £1,495.00

    Lotus Jubilee 10

    Contemporary styling

    The Lotus Jubilee 10 is a stylish 4kW wood burning stove and presents an all-new Nordic option for a range of homes. Featuring the Jubilee range’s stunningly contemporary styling, this latest addition downsizes with a slimmer depth and lower height.

  • £2,695.00

    Liva 8G

    Liva stoves offer a broad range of styles and options, incorporating a number of innovative features such as a soft-close door mechanisms, a cool-to-touch door handle and easy to use air control.

  • £2,815.00

    Mira 7 with steel sides

    Stylish stoves combine advanced combustion systems, user-friendly design and quality craftsmanship.

  • £2,205.00


    A robust heating choice

    The Lotus Prestige is a recent addition to the Lotus range of wood burning stoves. This high performance 5kW stove creates stunning flame visuals, with Cleanburn technology ensuring a high efficiency burn.

  • £2,509.00


    The PRIO series is characterised by clean and fluid lines, clear glass and fine Danish design, whether you opt for the elegant PRIO 5, the modern PRIO 6 with side viewing windows, the unique PRIO 3 on its column or the wall-hanging PRIO 4.