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  • £1,665.00

    Lotus Mondo

    The Lotus Mondo line is characterised by a simple design. Mondo 1 and Mondo 2 primarily stand out with the shape on the front where has a straight front, and Mondo 2 has a curved front.

  • £2,695.00

    Liva 8G

    Liva stoves offer a broad range of styles and options, incorporating a number of innovative features such as a soft-close door mechanisms, a cool-to-touch door handle and easy to use air control.

  • £2,815.00

    Mira 7 with steel sides

    Stylish stoves combine advanced combustion systems, user-friendly design and quality craftsmanship.

  • £2,205.00


    A robust heating choice

    The Lotus Prestige is a recent addition to the Lotus range of wood burning stoves. This high performance 5kW stove creates stunning flame visuals, with Cleanburn technology ensuring a high efficiency burn.

  • £2,409.00

    Lotus Jubilee 35

    A Stunning Stove With Endless Potential A truly outstanding stove, the Jubilee 35 combines an impressive 7kW heat output with a high efficiency of 82%.

  • £575.00

    Lotus Living Base

    The sturdy steel base provides a convenient log store and offers extra visual appeal by mirroring the beautiful curves of the Lotus Living wood burning fire.

    The Lotus Living Base is available in three beautiful colour options: Phantom Grey and Alpina White.