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Flex 158SS

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CategoryFireplacesInserts / Back Panels
BrandEco Smart
Product TypeFireplace
Rated Heat Output14.25kW

Flex 158SS Burner Efficiency

XL1200 [x3]

  • CAPACITY:30 Litres [7.9 Gallons]
  • HEATS ON AVERAGE:195m2 [2099ft2]
  • MINIMUM ROOM:345m3 [12184ft3]
  • BURN TIME:9-14 Hours
  • THERMAL OUTPUT:51 MJ/h - 48600 BTU/hr - 14.25 kW/h
  • OPERATING COSTS:$1.50 - $3.50 / Hour\

Flex  158SS BX2 Burner Efficiency

XL900 [x3]

  • CAPACITY:27 Litres [7.1 Gallons]
  • HEATS ON AVERAGE:180m2 [1938ft2]
  • MINIMUM ROOM:330m3 [11654ft3]
  • BURN TIME:8-13 Hours
  • THERMAL OUTPUT:48 MJ/h - 45000 BTU/hr - 13.20 kW/h
  • OPERATING COSTS:$1.50 - $3.50 / Hour

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3 burners for this 158 SS