Glass Hearths

Fireplace hearths are a legal regulation in the UK and typically at least 225mm / 300mm of non-combustible material is required to be in front of any free standing solid fuel appliance. The reason for this is to protect the occupants and the surrounding materials from the fire and sparks or fuel rolling onto carpets/rugs.

Often overlooked when choosing a fireplace, the hearth is the foundation of your look. They provide a practical base and play a major role in setting the decorative tone and style as well for your installation.

Here at Croydon Fireplaces we can supply or supply and fit a 12 mm glass hearth which is suitable for stove burning at <100 degrees, as per the Document J of the building regulations.

They are available in 6 Standard Shapes as per below in smoked or transparent glass. Bespoke sizes are available upon request for your specific requirements.

Please get in touch with the showroom or come in and see examples of Glass on Display.