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Lighting your Wood Burning Stove, Multi Fuel Stove/Appliance



Lighting/Starting your Wood/Solid Fuel Fire/Appliance:

*(Please also read the Installation Instructions Specific to your appliance/model alongside hints/tips.)*


  • Open all air controls fully.
  • Place a firelighter or 5 - 10 pieces of tightly twisted newspaper onto the grate.
  • Build a wigwam, crib or pyramid of kindling over the fire lighting material.
  • Light the firelighter or paper and leave the door ajar.
  • Once the kindling is burning well, place a small log or two, heatlogs or anthracite nuggets on the fire leaving the door ajar.
  • Close the door and allow the fire to build up by adding another small log or a few more anthracite nuggets. If the fire dies down, then open the door again to give it more air.
  • Leave the fire to burn through and get fully warmed up before reducing the air controls down to a running position.
  • If you are only burning wood, try to keep the bottom air vent closed and only control using the top air vent. The stove will use less fuel, give out more heat and keep your glass cleaner.
  • Don't leave the fire unattended whilst warming up. Inadvertent and damaging over-firing can result.
  • If lighting the stove is difficult, try burning a couple of sheets of loosely crumpled newspaper first. This will pre warm the flue and eject any pockets of cold air which may affect the draw.
  • Please read the DO's and DONT's over the page!


Your Stove and Flue will need servicing and sweeping at as per;

  • Smokeless Fuel – once a year
  • Coal – twice a year
  • Wood Burning – quarterly


Please call the office on 01342 717900 to book your SWEEP

This is essential for the health of your home and family, to satisfy

the conditions of your guarantees and the longevity of your stove and flue.