• £1,044.00

    ESSE 100

    Esse 100

    Precision engineered from high grade steel and featuring our Afterburn™ system, the 100 series offers the presence and clear fire view of the 200 but with a lower output of 5kW thanks to its slim profile.

  • £1,055.00

    ESSE 525

    A 5kW contemporary stove which is ideally suited to a standard fireplace or builders opening.

    The 525 is evolved from our highly successful and proven 500 stove.

  • £805.00

    ESSE 500

    Imagine your perfect stove – cast iron, generous warmth and a wide clear glass window so you can watch the dancing flames.

  • £781.00

    Esse 500 Vista

    500 Vista is the quintessential ESSE with our signature door arch styling and technologically-advanced performance.

  • £1,279.00

    Esse 200 XK

    200 XK

    The result is outstanding control, dancing flames, a crystal clear view of the fire and highly efficient combustion of the fuel.

    The 200 XK will happily burn most solid fuels but it will reward you with wonderful flame patterns when burning properly seasoned wood.

  • £1,485.00

    Esse 200 XK Contemporary

    200 XK Contemporary

    The wide, clear glass shows off the beautiful flame pattern and the stove gives out up to 8.5kW of heat to the room.

    The contemporary 200 XK has a twin position grate for burning wood or solid fuel.

  • £3,909.73

    Esse Ironheart

    The welcoming warmth of this cookstove can turn any house into a home.

  • £699.00

    Esse 301SE Inset

    301 MF Inset Stove

    ESSE 300 series inset convector stoves provide a unique solution to convert an inefficient open fire into an economical multi-fuel stove, improving the efficiency of an open fire by up to 400%.