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  • £1,025.00


    Dovre 250 Cast Iron Stoves

  • £1,099.00

    Dovre 225

    Dovre 225 Cast Iron Stove

    New to the Dovre range of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves is the distinctive 225. Featuring a square firebox, subtle curving details and compact dimensions, the Dovre 225 is a versatile yet powerful stove that offers style and quality in equal measure.

  • £1,965.00

    Dovre 640

    Dovre 640CB Cast Iron Stoves

  • £2,279.00

    Dovre 760

    Dovre 760CB Cast Iron Stoves

  • £2,225.00

    Sense 100

    Dovre Sense 100 Cast Iron Stoves

  • £1,899.00

    Sense 103

    Dovre Sense 103 Cast Iron Stoves

  • £1,855.00

    Sense 113

    Dovre Sense 103 Cast Iron Stoves

  • £2,009.00

    Sense 200

    Dovre Sense 200 Cast Iron Stoves

  • £2,115.00

    Sense 203

    With a compact body and subtle curving details, the Sense 203 is a sensational new addition to the growing collection of Dovre’s contemporary cast iron stoves.

  • £1,879.00

    Vintage 30

    Dovre Vintage 30 Cast Iron Stoves