Due to COVID our showroom is currently open for consultations (we can arrange private isolated appointments if you desire, please contact us to arrange) We regularly clean the showroom and require all visitors to press the buzzer upon arrival. When visiting please maintain social distancing and if you wish please feel welcome to wear a mask and disposable gloves. Please contact us preferably via email to arrange an appointment or a fuel or product contactless collection. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to hearing from you.

Salamander Stoves

We are a small family owned business based in sunny Devon. Specialising in the production of our flagship stove, ‘The Hobbit’.

  • £765.00

    ECO Hobbit SE

    • Multi-fuel stove, compatible with wood, coal or ecologs
    • High quality cast iron construction
    • DEFRA approved
    • Provides 4kW of efficient, clean burning heat
  • £710.00

    ECO Hobbit Stove

    EcoDesign 2022 Hobbit Stoves


    The new ECODESIGN version of our Hobbit stove will be available later this year, well ahead of the required deadline.

    All our Hobbit stoves are hand finished to each customers specification.

  • £2,041.67

    Little Range Stove

    The SALAMANDER tiny wood cook stove. This new mini stove-range is based around our little stove but is more like a mini cooking range. Manufactured and tested to the same high standards as our stove the mini range is another option for a medium sized fireplace where you want more than just heat.